“Now I Know You're Damn Serious About Getting My  Two Solutions I Used To Increase the Length of my penis  and Banish Quick Ejaculation Forever”

Here is the 1st one and this one work for penis Enlargement only.

As you can see above, the device is internationally certified... it's been in used in advanced countries like USA, UK etc.

 Elsewhere, you get this device alone between the range of N20,000 - N28,000. That does not include the shipping cost oh.

But here, I'm gonna make you a good bargain. For just N10,000 naira only, you can become a proud owner of this game changer device.

If your penis is not big enough, you can use this magical device to increase it within two to four weeks and your penis will increase to 7.3inches like mine.

Now, you're itching to grab it right?

But wait... let me talk about the second product.

This other product seals the gap in your sex life. The truth is, even if you have all the big dicks, but can't last in bed, my brother... na big wahala oh.

So, the 2nd one works for Premature Ejaculation.

If you are the type that can't last longer in bed, I will advice you to get this premature ejaculation killer.(REVIVE)

It is the one stop solution that ended my PE forever.


The Premature Ejaculation Killer (Revive) will cost you just N15,000.

Here's How To Order:

We know that you are eager to pay for this handsome up penis enlargement device and premature Ejaculation killer Revive)

But, to show you that this real and it can help you to instantly get the respect you deserve from your partner, We have arrange with  our shipping company to ship this device to you  without having to pay to any of our company account.

Once you see the device, you can pay for it.

This is what we call Cash on Delivery.

 Here's How to Pay On Delivery

Since you know that we have two products that we are selling on this website.

If you are going for the 1st one which is Handsome up penis enlargement device.

You will have to pay Just N10,000 once they deliver it to your address.

If you are going for the second one which is premature ejaculation killer (Revive).         It  will cost you just N15,000.

But. If you are going for both. You will only have to pay N20,000 instead of N25,000.

Sweet right?

Are you ready to lay your hand into any of these device?

If you say yes to that question.

The title of your email should be....

1. I need the Device.

2. Name of the product. If you are going for the two products, you need to name it

3. Your address... This is where our courier will send your product to.

4. Your phone number.

Send the above information to

Thanks as we are looking to help you solve your bed harassment problem forever

 Fredrick Babatunde.

        To contact us with your questions, send an email to:
        You can also call me on 08130713103. (Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm only)

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